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Pension Basics

1 chapter

What are pensions, how do they work, and what forms do they come in?

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Pensions and tax

2 chapters

Putting money into your pension can help you save on tax. Find out how.

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Am I on track?

1 chapter

Learn what you'll need to save to prepare for your retirement.

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Your pension investments

1 chapter

Why are pensions invested, and where does your money go?

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Keeping your pension safe

1 chapter

Learn to spot the signs of a pension scam and keep your money safe.

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Combining pensions

1 chapter

Find out how to consolidate your pensions - it could make life easier.

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Your retirement options

1 chapter

Explore ways you can take your pension savings when you are able to access them.

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  • Pension transfers (sometimes referred to as pot consolidation) may allow you to combine some or all of your defined contribution pensions in one place. Consolidating your pension means fewer statements to keep an eye on, along with fewer and potentially lower charges.

    But there are a number of things to consider before you transfer. You need to be aware of any guarantees or features you may lose if you transfer, and you should also compare the charges and investment range. Your existing provider may apply an exit charge for transferring out or, if you are in with-profits they may apply a 'market value reduction' for leaving early.

  • When you start saving for your future it's important to consider how much money you should save. Scottish Widows research recommends that people should be paying a minimum of 15% of their salary into their pension to allow for adequate savings in retirement. Find out more in our 2023 retirement report.

  • You can use our interactive Meet Your Future Self Tool. This lets you see what you could look like at retirement, what the value of your pension could be and how much you may need to pay in each month.

  • Your pension is likely to be one of your biggest assets so it's no wonder why scammers are often trying different ways to gain access to people's retirement savings. There are various tips on how to spot a pension scam and what steps to take in case you are worried you are being targeted.


Explore tools to help you take control of your finances,

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Scottish Widows Tools and Calculators

Scottish Widows Pension Options Calculator

Calculate and compare your options for pension pots over £ 5,000.


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Scottish Widows Tax Calculator

Taking it all or part of it as cash? Find out how much tax you could pay


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Scottish Widows Paying More Calculator

Calculate the benefits of increasing payments to your workplace pension.


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Scottish Widows Pension Payments Calculator

Find out 'who pays what' to your workplace pension.


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Meet your future self Tool

See what your future looks like to help you plan for retirement


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Scottish Widows Your Future Lifestyle Tool

What might life be like in retirement and how much could you get?


How does a workplace pension work?

How much should I save for retirement?

Will my pension be enough for retirement?

6 Tips to make the most of your pension


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