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Home purchase

5 chapters

Whether you are a first time buyer or moving, find key information to support you when purchasing a home.

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Having a baby

4 chapters

We're here to help you understand what the new arrival means for your family finances and how to keep them under control.

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Supporting through university

4 chapters

Whether it is you or someone else beginning a new experience at university you can find tips on how to keep finances under control.

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Support during redundancy

4 chapters

Explore support to keep your finances healthy during time in between jobs.

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Getting Married

5 chapters

Find out how to keep your finances in check before and after the wedding.


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Losing a loved one

5 chapters

In such a difficult time it can be hard to know where to begin with arranging finances, find the key information in this section.

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Dealing with separation or divorce

3 chapters

We have the information you need in order to review your finances through this time of change.

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Your retirement options

1 chapter

Explore the ways you can draw out your pension when you're ready to retire.

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  • A mortgage provider will lend you a percentage of what the property is worth, but you will need to use some of your own money towards the cost of the house you buy - this is called the deposit. The percent will vary depending on a number of factors, but it will usually be at least 5% of the property's value. The more deposit you put down, the less you will need to borrow. This will ultimately save you money, and you can often get a cheaper mortgage.

    As well as your deposit, there are other costs associated with buying a property and taking out a mortgage.

    Typical costs that apply to most buyers include conveyancing fees, Stamp Duty, Land Tax/Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (properties in Scotland), valuation fees and Land Registry fees.

    You can use online mortgage calculators to see how much you could borrow, and what your monthly payments might be.

  • MoneyHelper provide a baby budget calculator to help you plan your family finances before and after your pregnancy.

  • The price of your big day depends on lots of factors. MoneyHelper's guide provides detail how much the average wedding costs.

  • You will need to take stock of the value of all your pension pots and understand what your retirement goal is. You can then speak to your pension provider or use our interactive Meet Your Future Self Tool. This lets you see how your situation might look when you retire and what the value of your pension could be. You could also seek financial advice, though you should be aware that you will usually be charged for any advice you receive.


Explore tools to help you take control of your finances, from cutting down debt to building a monthly budget.

Scottish Widows Tools and Calculators

Scottish Widows Pension Options Calculator

Calculate and compare your options for pension pots over £ 5,000.

Scottish Widows Tax Calculator

Taking it all or part of it as cash? Find out how much tax you could pay

Scottish Widows Paying More Calculator

Calculate the benefits of increasing payments to your workplace pension.

Scottish Widows Pension Payments Calculator

Find out 'who pays what' to your workplace pension.

Meet your future self Tool

See what your future looks like to help you plan for retirement

Scottish Widows Your Future Lifestyle Tool

What might life be like in retirement and how much could you get?

Other tools and calculators

We have provided below some additional tools from third parties, which may also help

Mortgage Calculator provided by Halifax

Plan ahead and estimate your monthly payments.

Baby Costs Calculator provided by MoneyHelper

Make sure your finances are ready for the new arrival.

Divorce and money calculator provided by MoneyHelper

Get an idea of your financial situation as you approach a settlement to separate or divorce.


What happens to my workplace pension if I've been made redundant?

What happens to my pension when I die?

What happens to my pension during a divorce?

Does my working pattern affect my pension?


Life is rarely straightforward. But learning to deal with stress can help your mental and physical health, and improve your financial wellbeing. Explore our topics to find the support you need.

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Taking on your pension

Put in a little work on your pension now – it could make a huge difference in the years to come.

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